Friday, September 9

Split EP!

It is my pleasure to announce that on September 27th I will be releasing a split EP with my dear friend Joseph R. McCaffrey and his band, Films About Ghosts.

I will be premiering two BRAND new songs “About Time”, and “Oh, Please Stay” on the EP as well as a revamp of “The Only Closure I Need Is From Your Mouth”. 

Films About Ghosts with be premiering 3 songs as well, one of which is on their FB page and on Joe’s Tumblr

Stay tuned as we’ll be posting little updates hear and there as the date nears, including the album art!


If you are a fan of either of Any Other Word or Films About Ghosts OR just awesome local music in general, PLEASE RE-BLOG AND SPREAD THE WORD! We get very sad sometimes when we think nobody likes us.  :(


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